Coralina Flagstone

Epic Stone Works hand selects only the best natural Coralina flagstone. However, our stringent quality control practices are a central component of the selection process for all our pavers and tiles. Coralina stone is a natural coral and limestone, which comes from the Caribbean, and includes many unique characteristics from fossils and minerals. Moreover, Coralina flagstone is a fine grain stone that is strong and compact.

Natural flagstones are highly adaptable to many different functions and features. You can build and decorate walls, create fences and even use the stones for roofing. That said, flagstones are most often used in landscaping for creating elegant patios, paths, and flower beds. Coralina flagstone will come in a variety of different shapes, in sizes between 18”- 36” in diameter, and have colors from white to beige.

If you are considering using natural Coralina flagstone for a walkway or patio, you may place them on a slab with mortared joints or you can opt for a compacted base with gravel joints. What creative ideas do you have for your Coralina stone? Using natural flagstone, from Epic Stone Works, you can create organic looking designs or develop a very formal pattern. The only limit is your imagination.

As a leading supplier of natural stone pavers, tiles, and flagstone, Epic Stone Works can supply the perfect product for your project or home improvement. We have a very large selection in stock and ready to ship. Natural stone and decorative gravel can create unique entrances, garden pathways, or can add character to your landscape.

Epic Stone Works has natural Coralina flagstone and the largest selection of decorative rock, gravel, and pebbles, at the best prices in Florida. Each Coralina flagstone is a carefully selected stone that meets first quality standards. If you would like to talk about Coralina flagstone, or need to discuss which natural stone products are best for your project, contact us at 305-255-2848.