Coral Stone Tile and Coral Stone Pavers

Coralina tile and Coralina pavers are also called Coral Stone, Coral Shell Stone, or Coral Limestone. With a neutral color and rich texture, these tiles and paving stones are extremely versatile, usable for both interior and exterior designs. Caribbean Coralina adds a tropical elegance to your home, swimming pool, and surroundings. Coralina tile and Coralina pavers are exceptionally attractive, and a favorite of Florida designers, landscapers, and construction contractors.

When a Tropical appearance is a desire, Coralina tile and Coralina pavers is a great choice. Coralina stone is sedimentary rock that consists of coral, fossils, sand and limestone, which gives each tile and paver a unique Caribbean appearance and character. Caribbean Coralina has a texture that ranges from a smooth fine grain to course open textured surfaces with fossils, preserved impressions of prehistoric organisms. Could you use a tropical flair to your project or design?

Designing your ideal outdoor living space requires inspiration. With Epic Stone Works, you benefit from a team who can help you realize any outdoor hardscape vision. Coralina tile and Coralina pavers are an ideal material for outdoor living rooms, patios, pool decks, steps or any structure incorporated into your landscape. How do you plan to use Coralina tile and Coralina pavers?

In addition to an attractive Tropical look, Caribbean Coralina has the additional benefit of being extremely safe. Coralina tile and Coralina pavers and both cool to the touch and will not become overly slick when wet. Slips and falls are an almost unavoidable backyard hazard. That said, coral stone provides some peace of mind by lessening the worry about excessive slipperiness. Therefore, the natural benefits of premium-grade coral limestone make it both a practical and stylish option for swimming pool decks.

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