Hemingway Flagstone

Hemingway flagstone is a compact Oolite stone which radiates a real old-Florida, Ernest Hemingway, and Key West feel. Hemingway Oolite is sourced from the southern tip of Florida. It is composed of fossils, sand, coral, quartz, and limestone. Moreover, as a benefit of its natural composition, Hemingway flagstone stays cool, even in direct sunlight, and has a nonskid surface. You can order Hemmingway flagstone with Rough Face, Smooth Face, and Brushed Face finishes.

Hemingway flagstone can conform to any outdoor living space. Use it to convert your backyard into a low-maintenance patio, filling open spaces with lush flower bed and water features. Adding an outdoor fireplace will increase appeal and provide a touch of luxury, and it is a perfect place for adults and children to gather in the evening. How about a more formal design with a sunken garden? When designing your space, think about your landscape as if It was the first time seeing it. What changes will make it better?

When creating an old-Florida atmosphere, Hemingway Oolite is a favorite material for designers and contractors when creating outdoor living spaces, such as porches, decks, and patios. Hemingway flagstone works well in a traditional porch design. For a casual look, you can choose to fill in the flagstone joints with gravel. However, if you want something longer lasting, you can use a mortar between. When stone is installed on a concrete slab, mortar is used and will minimize cracking.

Whether it is a simple flagstone path or you are completely rethinking your landscape, designing can require a bit of creative work. Epic Stone Works' team of experts can help you plan your vision. Hemingway flagstone is an excellent material for swimming pools, pathways, gardens, steps and more.

If you would like to talk about Hemingway flagstone, or Epic Stone Works' other Hemingway Oolite stone products, please contact us at 305-255-2848.