Hemingway Roughface Veneer

Hemingway Roughface veneer is a coral stone that will add an element of old-Florida charm to any home. Oolite is formed in the shallow seas surrounding local barrier islands and the Florida Keys. Therefore, Hemingway is a domestic, locally sourced product. It is comprised of fossiliferous limestone, coral, and quartz sand. Moreover, in addition to thin building veneers, Hemingway Oolite is also available in flagstone, tiles, and paving stones.

Hemingway Roughface Veneer is a popular choice for hardscape projects because of its durability, color, textures, and character. Real stone veneer is often used as siding, a foundation covering, for fireplaces and chimneys, and hardscape projects. Nonetheless, many people love to bring natural outside elements into their home. Natural stone veneers can easily be used on an interior wall as an accent in a master bedroom, to add elegance to a dining room, or by giving a kitchen a traditional atmosphere.

If you seek to have an old-Florida look, Hemingway Roughface veneer is a brilliant material that you can use in a variety of projects, indoor and out. Moreover, each stone veneer is unique, possessing its own variations in color and pattern. A Hemingway Roughface veneer resurfacing can make your fireplace a focal point. Hemingway Oolite is also a great choice if it is time to update your kitchen backsplash. Hemingway Roughface veneer is the ideal choice for many applications, especially when you want to add a touch of sophistication.

That said, we understand the issues of designing with stone. Epic Stone Works has an experienced team of specialists who can help you create your vision. We can also effectively collaborate with your designer, builder, and installers to ensure you get the right look.

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