Ivory Travertine Pavers

Bring the Mediterranean to your very own backyard. Ivory Travertine pavers are positively captivating, with an enchanting character. Used in buildings since the time of the Romans, Ivory Travertine is elegant and timeless. Moreover, mined in Turkey, Travertine pavers possess many of the same qualities and attributes as marble. However, they are much more affordable. Therefore, Ivory Travertine pavers will create luxury and elegance at a more economical price.

These paving stones are ideally suited for pool decks and backyard patios, or as a natural stone walkway or stairs. That said, Travertine is perfect for all landscape projects. Epic Stone Works hand selects only first quality, high density, and durable Ivory Travertine pavers. Additionally, each paving stone is carefully sized and meticulously calibrated for an exquisite finish.

Looking for Ivory Travertine paver project ideas? Travertine pavers are excellent for creating edges around flower beds or as stepping stones in a garden. These paving stones will drastically improve the aesthetics of any exclusive space and the surroundings. This is what makes it one of our most popular products. Furthermore, it is a porous stone that is heat resistant with a natural non-slip surface. Accordingly, it is the best choice for pools, patios, and decks. In fact, the wetter it is, the more slipresistant it becomes.

Developing the right stone design is sometimes difficult. We are your complete resource. Epic Stone Works is a leading supplier of landscape stone, natural pavers, tiles, and flagstone. As a result, our staff has the knowledge to understand, explain, and analyze your design needs. Also, we have some of the best prices in the southeastern United States. Our Ivory Travertine pavers are guaranteed to meet your standards of quality.

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