Mexican Beach Pebble 

The smooth Mexican beach pebble (sometimes called the Indonesian beach pebble or Peruvian beach pebble) will give your next landscaping project a touch of elegance. Moreover, the great look of these genuine beach pebbles come at a great price. While dark grey is the most popular color, Mexican beach pebble options also include green, white, mixed, buff, and pink. The stones are simply the best choice for many landscaping designs and features.

While many homeowners ask for "polished stones," sea waves naturally tumbled these beautiful pebbles smooth, creating a matte finish. This quality makes them perfect for use with any lawn and garden application. However, resin-coated pebbles are available, which have a glossy clear coat or provide solid colors. That said, although unpolished beach pebbles are less expensive, they look just as good when wet.

Epic Stone Works has one of the largest selections of beach pebbles in the Southeast, and will have the Mexican beach pebbles you are looking for. The Mexican beach pebbles are harvested from the beach by hand, and then transported to our facility in Lima, Peru where they are sorted into specific sizes.  

Epic Stone Works' beach pebbles provide a very cost-effective design element, giving your landscape design a sophisticated touch it may otherwise lack. They are a perfect addition to walkways, flower beds, ponds, and fountains. Our selection of colors and sizes suit many purposes, and we can supply orders of any size, whether it is a small home project or a large job site. Additionally, we stock the largest selection of first quality stone in Florida.

If you would like to talk about Mexican beach pebbles, or your next lawn and garden project, call us today at 305-255-2848.