Oolite Blocks

If you ask virtually any person the question about what is more important in a retaining wall design, form or function, most will likely say the function. Of course, this is the ultimate purpose, to restrain the pressures created by changes in surface elevation. However, this fact does not mean we must neglect form. Oolite blocks will empower you to craft a practical landscape element, that is carefully engineered, yet is also a beautiful and breathtaking feature.

Florida Oolite blocks give you the freedom to create unique designs when the natural beauty of real stone is desired. Oolite is a geological formation of sedimentary rock found domestically, in Florida. Moreover, it is an extremely durable construction material, containing compressed coral, limestone, quartz sand, shell fragments, and fossils. Epic Stone Works provides only the highest quality, most consistent Oolite blocks. When installed properly, it will last a lifetime, with no unwanted changes in appearance.

Decorative retaining walls can transform your landscape into a paradise, and Oolite blocks will add the old-Florida charm you desire. Do you need help with retaining wall design or creative landscaping ideas? Today's modern wall designs use high-quality materials to create stunning and artful landscapes. Whether you are seeking a look that is stylish and elegant or one that is more rustic and organic, Oolite blocks are well suited for a wide variety of formats and purposes. These coral stone blocks are ideal for garden walls, creating outdoor living rooms, entrance features, and much more.

Yet, Epic Stone Works understands that designing with stone is often a stressful process. Our experts have the knowledge and skills to support you in creating your dream hardscape. Further, we possess the experience to effectively communicate with your designer, builder, and installers.

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