Oolite Boulders

Why do you need Oolite boulders? When planning a landscape project, many people will focus on selecting trees, shrubbery, flowers, and other plants. Nonetheless, there are other aspects of a landscape design needed to make it perfect. Boulders, paving stones, decorative gravel, water features, and garden walls are hardscape features that will add beauty and elegance to your outdoor space.

Adding hard materials and building structures will add dimension, character, and artistry to your landscape, making it stand out from your neighbor's yard. Oolite boulders are a versatile material, with a uniquely Floridian charm, that can perform both aesthetic and functional duties. No matter the landscape design idea, using natural boulders will add flare and make it more intriguing. However, the challenge with boulders is having them look naturally occurring. Oolite boulders are native to Florida and ideally suited for projects in the southeastern United States.

Do you need ideas for landscaping with Oolite boulders? For generations, people have been using boulders and natural stone to accentuate their property and add greater curb appeal. You can do common things like group boulders together within or to divide your garden. However, have you ever considered using them as seating, a fountain, as a fire pit, or a planter? There are many creative uses for boulders to help your property stand out in the crowd. For instance, you can opt for a low maintenance lawn. Replace grass with gravel, and use boulders of varying sizes as focal points. Strategically add some greenery, and you have a simple modern look.

However, due to variations, planning a landscape design with Oolite boulders takes some know-how. It is best to discuss your plans with the knowledgeable and skilled representatives at Epic Stone Works. If you would like to talk about Oolite boulders, or need assistance planning your next landscape project, please contact us at 305-255-2848.