Oolite Veneer

Are you looking to build a tropical landscape? An Oolite veneer is a solution. This natural coral stone has a look that can transform your home into a private villa. Florida Oolite (sometimes referred to as Miami Oolite or Miami Limestone) is a fossil-laden rock composed of limestone, quartz sand, and marine sediments. Common fossil features can include coral, mollusks, and bryozoans.

Florida Oolite receives its name from the Greek word meaning egg. This is because of the "ooliths", small grains that resemble fish eggs. These ooliths are formed by calcite fusing to particles of sand grains and shell fragments. A second prime sedimentary facies is limestone with scattered concentrations of fossils. Other sediments present within the Oolite rock include quartz sand and limey sandstones. If you would like to see a natural Oolite exposure, an excellent place to visit is Alice Wainright Park, in Coral Gables, Dade County.

Oolite veneer will bring a classic Floridian charm to any home.  Since it is relatively lightweight, Oolite veneers are adaptable and easy to install. Also, each veneer is one of a kind, with its own color variations and distinct patterns. Natural Oolite veneers can add an exciting element to a dining room, create an ornate fireplace, or enhance doors and windows.

Despite all this, designing with stone can be a challenging undertaking. That is why the experts at Epic Stone Works stand ready to help you create your vision. Or, we can work directly with your designer, builder and installers. If you would like to talk about Oolite veneer, or Epic Stone Works' other natural Oolite stone products, please contact us at 305-255-2848.