St. Lucia White

St. Lucia White pebbles are a fabulous embellishment for just about any outdoor space and do give our polished pebbles a run for their money. The natural matte finish, St. Lucia White pebbles are almost completely white in color and will take your landscape design to the next level. St. Lucia White is an ivory white, rounded stone, which gives a luxurious look to a landscaping and garden project. Imagine a Balinese style garden in your very own backyard. Moreover, our St. Lucia White pebbles are hand picked and premium quality. This also makes them perfect for ornamental pots, pathways, and fountains.

Natural ornamental pebbles are ideal for use anywhere, indoor or out. What imaginative ideas do you have for St. Lucia White pebbles? Decorative pebbles and river rocks are used in creative landscape designs, rock gardens, and water features. Furthermore, you can combine St. Lucia White pebbles with other decorative landscape pebble stones to improve the aesthetics of both indoor or outdoor planters.

Epic Stone Works is one of the leaders for natural, decorative landscape rock and ornamental pebbles in Florida. St. Lucia White pebbles are rounded and beautifully shaped, with an ivory white color, and are available in 4 different sizes. Our decorative gravel and stone pebbles are classic luxury, giving any interior and exterior design the extra that will make you the envy of the neighborhood.

We keep St. Lucia White pebbles in stock, year round. Additionally, Epic Stone Works has the largest selection of decorative landscape rock and ornamental pebbles, at the best prices, in the southeastern United States. We sell only premium stone, selected from domestic and international quarries. St. Lucia white pebbles will add a touch of sophistication to all your indoor and outdoor designs and landscape projects.

If you would like to talk about St. Lucia White pebbles, or other decorative landscape rock and ornamental pebbles, call us today at 305-255-2848.