Sunrise Pebble

Sunrise pebbles are salmon colored stones, ranging from a pale pinkish-orange to a light pink. Smooth and silky, these ornamental beach pebbles are beautiful both underfoot and to the touch. With a natural matte finish, Sunrise beach pebbles will remind you of a Miami sunset. Moreover, natural beach pebbles look stunning both wet and dry. Therefore, Sunrise pebbles are a great element within Japanese gardens, ponds, flower beds edging, and more. Additionally, our Sunrise beach pebbles are the highest quality, chosen through a careful selection process. This also makes them ideal for everything from residential and commercial landscaping to arts and crafts.

Imported from Indonesia, these smooth decorative pebbles have many uses. What artistic and creative plans do you have for Sunrise pebbles? Decorative beach pebbles and river rocks are used for foliage protection, ponds and fountains, indoor and outdoor gardens, and even flower arrangements and centerpieces. Decorative rock, gravel, and pebbles can make a bold statement.

Epic Stone Works is a leading supplier of decorative landscape stone, river rock, and beach pebbles in Florida. Sunrise pebbles are superbly shaped, with a salmon color, and are available in 4 different sizes. Our decorative gravel and natural stone can create a unique living space, and add character to your creative designs. Decorative landscape rock and ornamental pebbles will add a spark to your imagination.

We keep Sunrise beach pebbles, ready for immediate shipment, year round. Likewise, Epic Stone Works has the largest selection of decorative rock, gravel, and pebbles, at very competitive prices, in the southeastern United Sates. We sell carefully selected stone, from both national and global producers. Sunrise pebbles will add warmth to all your landscape designs and projects.

Are you not sure how much decorative gravel and natural stone you will need? If you would like to talk about Sunrise pebbles, or need more information, contact us at 305-255-2848.