Tiger Stripe Polished

Tiger Stripe polished pebbles have a gorgeous striped appearance, exemplified with dazzling orange and yellow streaks within intense coffee and leather colors. Extremely decorative, Tiger Stripe polished stone pebbles are perfect for gardens, pathways, and ornamental pots. Additionally, these decorative polished pebbles look great both dry and wet, making them excellent for ponds, fountains, or any water feature. Our Tiger Stripe polished pebbles are taken from nature, then tumbled to enhance their natural look.

Polished pebbles are decorative and ornamental stones, for use anywhere around the home. What creative ways will you use Tiger Stripe polished pebbles? Polished river rocks and pebbles can be used to form designs and figures in a rock garden or to enhance trees and shrubs. Moreover, you can combine Tiger Stripe pebbles with other ornamental stones to enhance indoor or outdoor planters, features, or as a pathway cover.

Epic Stone Works is one of the leading sellers of natural, polished river rocks and ornamental pebbles in Florida. Our Tiger Stripe polished pebbles are sleek, with a balanced appearance, and are available in 3 different sizes. Use our decorative pebbles along walkways and in outdoor gardens as a substitute for mulch, or as an accent to planters, fountains, or creative interior and exterior designs.

You will find Tiger Stripe polished pebbles in stock at great prices. As a family owned and operated business, Epic Stone Works has a reputation for our diverse selection of decorative rocks, at the most competitive prices. We sell only the best quality stone, you won't find inconsistent coloring or low-grade stone at our facility. If you are looking for Tiger Stripe polished pebbles, the choice is clear. These elegant, polished Tiger Stripe pebbles are perfect for all your indoor and outdoor designs and schemes.

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